It is so very easy

 – to reach out into Cyberspace and snatch any cute quote or phrase to suit our purposes.  However, these cute quotes may not always be factual.  Recently, while searching for a quote about women (Women’s Rights if you will), I googled and searched (redundant, I know) for a quote to match up with my particular interest on that particular day.

Eureka!  Found one!  The revered theologian and philosopher St. Augustine of Hippo (supposedly) wrote to a friend

What difference is it in a wife or mother? It is still Eve the temptress that we must beware of in any woman, I fail to see what use a woman can be to a man if one excludes the function of bearing children.

I copied. I pasted. I posted.

I did not research or  ‘fact-check’ but instead felt this quote spoke to my Thought of the Day about Women’s Rights and I posted it on my Daily Awareness blog. Then I went on to the Next Thing, the Next Interest, the Next Thought (which was most certainly very inconsequential).

A sharp eye who knows Augustine – reads him, pours over his words, and researches him – questioned this quote.  As well he should have, for alas, it is highly unlikely that St. Augustine ever wrote, thought, or said the above.

St. Augustine and his mother St. Monica

The internet can be a valuable tool, however, one must use caution and not always  trust everything one reads.  As a matter of fact, I have found some incorrect genealogical information posted about my own family.  Genealogy research is addictive and I’ve been chasing my roots for nigh on to thirty or more years. I digress.

That said, there is much that is good and readily available on the internet.  I’ve especially been pleased to find digitalized copies of old, rare books that were beforehand inaccessible to the lay person.

Good stuff.

Silly stuff.

False stuff.


1. The material out of which something is made or formed; substance.

2. The essential substance or elements; essence: “We are such stuff/As dreams are made of” (Shakespeare).

3. Informal

a. Unspecified material: Put that stuff over there.

b. Household or personal articles considered as a group.

c. Worthless objects.

4. Slang Specific talk or actions: Don’t give me that stuff about being tired.

5. Sports

a. The control a player has over a ball, especially to give it spin, english, curve, or speed.

b. The spin, english, curve, or speed imparted to a ball: “where we could watch the stuff, mainly curves, that the pitchers were putting on the ball” (James Henry Gray).

6. Basketball A dunk shot.

7. Special capability: The team really showed its stuff and won the championship.

8. Chiefly British Woven material, especially woolens.

9. Slang Money; cash.

10. Slang A drug, especially one that is illegal or habit-forming.

v. stuffed, stuff·ing, stuffs


a. To pack (a container) tightly; cram: stuff a Christmas stocking.

b. To block (a passage); plug: stuff a crack with caulking.

c. Basketball To block (a shot or an opponent who is shooting), especially before the ball leaves the shooter’s hands.


a. To place forcefully into a container or space; thrust: stuffed laundry into the bag.

b. Sports To shoot (a ball or puck) forcefully into the goal from close range.

c. Basketball To dunk (the ball).


a. To fill with an appropriate stuffing: stuff a pillow.

b. To fill (an animal skin) to restore its natural form for mounting or display.

4. To cram with food.

5. To fill (the mind): His head is stuffed with silly notions.

6. To put fraudulent votes into (a ballot box).

7. To apply a preservative and softening agent to (leather).


To overeat; gorge.


stuff it Vulgar Slang

Used as an intensive to express extreme anger, frustration, or disgust.

stuff (one’s) face Slang

To eat greedily.

[Middle English, from Old French estoffe, from estoffer, to equip, of Germanic origin.]


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