give a child a voice

The Guadalupe County Children’s Advocacy Center

provides a warm, homelike environment for
children who visit to be interviewed about physical
or sexual abuse.  Primary emphasis is placed on the
well-being of the child to prevent further trauma.
The Center also coordinates our community’s
response to child abuse by facilitating the efforts
of partner agencies which include law enforcement,
Child Protective Services, the District Attorney’s
and County Attorney’s offices, as well as medical
and mental health professionals.

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Each year, countless Texas children suffer from abuse and neglect. All too often they are victimized by the very adults charged with protecting and providing for them – adults these children love and need. Unfortunately, in our efforts to come to the aid of abused children, child abuse professionals may inadvertently cause additional suffering to child victims and their families, as our civil and criminal justice systems were generally not created with child victims in mind.

Children’s advocacy centers (CACs) were established in an effort to enhance the sensitivity and responsiveness of these systems, thereby minimizing the impact of the trauma, providing vital medical and mental health services for these children and their families, and facilitating the prosecution of perpetrators through coordination of services and implementation of a collaborative approach.


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