touring Historical Riverside Cemetery

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November 4, 2012 Riverside Cemetery Walking Tour

Seguin, Texas

Cemetery Stones
by Raymond A. Foss

Tactile memories
in the cemetery stones
visual reflections of the times
the ages in which the country knew
imagery of hell, of heaven,
of lives as they were lived,
or of how they want to be remembered
tactile granite, marble, slate,
yielding in their turn to the rain,
the ice, the lichen, the moss,
the wind, the ages
Hear the whispers in the wind
the feel of the cemetery stones
rough, cool, smooth
places of remembrance
to be felt.


2 thoughts on “touring Historical Riverside Cemetery

  1. Sorry we missed this. Just coming back into town and too tired to go….Ezekiel Smith was my g-g-g grandfather. The land that he & his son French Smith owned is still in our family…what I refer to as the farm…10 miles east of Seguin on the Dowdy Rd and 1150

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