Hostile language is dangerous to your health and well-being; it’s toxic stuff. People who are frequently exposed to hostile language get sick more often, are injured more often, take longer to recover from illness and injury, and suffer more complications during recovery. As an obvious result, they tend to die sooner than those not so exposed.  What’s more, hostile language is just as dangerous to the person dishing it out (and to innocent bystanders who can’t leave the scene) as it is to the person on the receiving end.

I’m sure we have all come across someone who is argumentative and becomes quite hostile if you don’t believe as he/she does or think as he/she thinks. Quite frankly, I don’t care if everyone thinks as I think or believes as I do. Diversity makes life interesting.

That said: I also don’t care to be verbally attacked because someone thinks I should think as he/she thinks or believe as he/she believes. Who does like to be attacked? Civil discourse is healthy. Denigrating others because they don’t follow your line of thinking is not healthy.

This is a bullying tactic and it is a waste of time to reason with someone who habitually behaves in this manner. I prefer to walk away for there can’t be dialogue if one party attacks and insults the other.

Just my thought for today.

More pleasant thoughts are in the offing!

And I do love good conversation and stimulating dialogue.



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