Me Before You

me before youI got to study Will Traynor up close, in those first couple of weeks. I saw that he seemed determined not to look anything like the man he had been; he had let his light-brown hair grow into a shapeless mess, his stubble crawl across his jaw. His gray eyes were lined with exhaustion, or the effect of constant discomfort (Nathan said he was rarely comfortable). They bore the hollow look of someone who was always a few steps removed from the world around him. Sometimes I wondered if it was a defense mechanism, whether the only way to cope with his life was to pretend it wasn’t him it was happening to.

from the book jacket:

“Some books make you stop and think, compel you to examine your own take on life or your position or stand on an issue. Jojo Moyes’s Me Before You will surprise you–it is impossible not to put yourself in the characters’ shoes, and you will find yourself thinking about the choices you might make if life changed in an instant. I loved it. – Lee Woodruff


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