triumph and pain


He is flying.

Is this how I will remember him? As I watch him lying vanquished, defeated by the one thing even he could not outmaneuver, I understand that I will have to choose my memories carefully now. There are simply too many. Faded newspaper articles, more medals and trophies than I know what to do with; personal letters from presidents, kings, dictators. Books, movies, plays about him and his accomplishments; schools and institutions proudly bearing his name.

Tearstained photographs of a child with blond curls, blue eyes, and a deep cleft in his chin. Smudged copies of letters to other women, tucked away in my purse.

– first paragraphs from Melanie Benjamin’s novel The Aviator’s Wife

Cathy Marie Buchan writes that “The Aviator’s Wife offers a fascinating glimpse into the uneasy marriage of one of America’s most intriguing couples. Be prepared to question all you know about the Lindberghs.”

anne-morrow-lindbergh full-anne-morrow-lindbergh


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