I stop labeling, ranking, and categorizing people and things and just see them; typically, this will lead to a quiet joy and deep peace and contentment. This is presence, or what Simone Weil would call “absolute attention.”

I am no longer emotionally jerked around by things that do not matter. (If I am personally identified with my private viewing platform, every event has the power to snag and control me.)

If I cannot detach from a person or event or feeling when it is needed or appropriate, then I can take it as certain that I am overidentified, overly attached, or even enmeshed. This could be called unawareness, the unawakened state, or blindness. Seemingly, this is true of most people, because no one ever told them there was another way.

– Richard Rohr in The Naked Now Learning To See as the Mystics See (page 137)

rock formation


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