Oklahoma Tough

Things were going well. Daddy’s whiskey business at the gas station kept getting bigger and bigger, until one day he came home and announced that he had bought a house, for $4,500 cash. The one-story house at 2742 East King Street was made of fieldstone painted white and had two big cedar trees in the front yard and evergreen shrubs around the foundation. In the backyard was a well-kept lawn and a large cherry tree. Lucille remembered: “It was a nice house. It had two bedrooms, and a nice bathroom between, all tile, a huge kitchen and a big breakfast room and living room and dining room. We were living there when the war ended. By then we were selling whiskey by the case and delivering it. I don’t know how we got into that. Wayne handled all that. I answered the phones and took orders.” Wayne was twenty-three, and he had taken a decisive step into a criminal profession.

–          Oklahoma Tough My Father, King of the Tulsa Bootleggers by Ron Padgett

oklahoma tough


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