here I am

I’m not a terribly introspective person, I suppose.  Each day not only do I discover something new about My World but I discover something new about myself.

Who knows why on earth an Old Grandmother like me decided to ‘blog.’  Once upon a time, I kept a daily journal (from the time I was a youngster and wrote daily in a Diary – jotting down my silly thoughts and what was happening in my life).

When our home flooded (1998), my Journals and Diaries were swept into the Gulf of  Mexico (or in a bog of mud somewhere).  Since then, I’ve only sporadically written my thoughts – and at that, it has been in a plain composition book (the type I used for college classes).

Although I certainly don’t consider my Daily Awareness Blog a Journal or a Diary, I do post what I’m interested in on a daily basis.  This may interest only me (quite likely that is the case), but I am thoroughly enjoying it.

If you happen upon my site, drop me a line and let me know what interests you.


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